Home Cleaning Products

It's Gone by 2Pure uses a formula that allows you to combat stains and odours with absolute ease. 

Cleaning, Redefined

Our technologically advanced formula has allowed us to revolutionise the way you remove stains and odours from your home. As well as removing stains and odours, all of our products kill 99% of bacteria as a by-product, keeping your home happy and healthy with the use of effective home cleaning products.


As a by-product, our range of natural, home safe sprays can be used as general cleaners, due to the bacteria and odour killing technology. The lack of enzymes in our products mean all surfaces, including clothing, and all rooms, including kitchens. Even old cups can de deodorised by our products, whilst still being able to drink from them.


All of our products work for hours after use, too! This means our products will still continue to destroy odours, stain and bacteria after you've forgotten about them, meaning they'll never come back!