How it Works

2Pure Technology

15 years of intense labatory and field based tests made it possible to create the best odour remover in the world. An effort to find a new way to destroy harmful odours effectively and safely, led the Research and Development team to the discovery of a revolutionary new technological innovation. 

This technology has been adapted and improved for use in domestic and commercial environments. Working with Newcastle Science City, 2pure's leading odour control specialists were able to develop a range of safe, environmentally-friendly and highly effective odour killing products for a variety of markets.

2Pure's work on new patented scientific breakthroughs in Odour Control and cleaning technology will revolutionise the way we clean and maintain our world safely and ecologically. The 2pure™ product range means that our customers can finally use products that really work.

As enzymes are not used in our products, they are truly multi-purpose and multi-surface, able to combat everything from food stains on carpets to killing smells in upholstery and the air. The new technological advance allows for instant removal of stains and odours at the point of contact, making it a very powerful cleaner. For more information, visit our corporate website
Testing and Certification

Testing has been carried out by completely independent specialist laboratories.


On first application, our technology achieved a kill rate of 98% for Ammonia, and 100% reduction in Hydrogen Sulphide, common household odours. Many other odours were tested to ensure our technology could react with the entire odour compound spectrum, and results were astounding!

Independent comparative testing was carried out against a leading household brand, and our product was proven to be 40% more effective at destroying odours across a broad spectrum.

Bacteria testing to industrial standards (EN1276) and veterinary standards (EN1656), proved that our products also kill bacteria.

The Science

Our noses are very sensitive to odours. Often one molecule of odour for every million molecules of air is enough for us to smell, which is why bad odours can become a real nuisance in domestic households or commercial environments.

2pure™ takes all existing technologies one step further. 2pure™ traps odours within the water droplet, and then specially formulated odour destructive reagents within the formula attack an odour compound on a molecular level, changing the structure so it is no longer an odour. 2pure™ destroys odours, therefore it does not need a fragrance to be able to work.

Unlike competing products, 2pure™ is highly effective against a huge variety of odours ranging from nitrogen based, through to sulphur based and others in between. At the same time, 2pure kills odour causing bacteria, preventing odours from returning, and leaves treated areas hygienically fresh.
Variants of our 2Pure Technology are available in a range of products that target a multitude of demands. In particular 2Pure harnesses odour elimination alongside:
• Stain Removal
• Anti-Bacterial & Virus control
• Animal Care
• Hard Surface Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Insect Repellent

Traditionally, many of these areas require dangerous or caustic chemicals. 2Pure's products are non-toxic, non-irritant, non-carcinogenic, environmentally friendly, and 100% biodegradable. When you purchase a 2Pure product you can be sure that it is also safe around pets and children.