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2Pure It's Gone Instant Carpet, Upholstery, Laundry & Fabric Stain Remover

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The 2Pure It’s Gone Stain Remover comes in a 250ml bottle and has two spray options: jet and mist. The jet option is for getting deep into the source of the stain for a deep clean, whilst the mist option is used for a liberal spray around the stain and odour, usually for less tough stains such as milk.

It is 100% organic, pet-friendly, baby-friendly, kills ammonia and is without harmful substances such as bleach, borax and hydrogen peroxide. This makes for a completely environmentally-friendly and ecologically-friendly product, so you can be sure that the stain remover is safe and made from natural ingredients.

You’ll probably think that this means performance is hindered by these factors. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. We replaced enzyme technology with 2Pure technology that tackles stains at a molecular level. This allows the stain to be removed instantly, both at home and on the go. The results will truly astonish you.

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Where To Use

A true multi-surface stain remover for everything from carpets to chairs, loungers to laundry, fabrics to futons.

A full list of surfaces includes:
sofas (including leather, fabric and microfibre sofas), prams, mattresses (including memory foam mattresses), wood, clothes (including jeans, jumpers, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, underwear, shoes and baby clothes), walls, carpets, kitchen surfaces and hard floors (including marble, stone, tiles and granite), wool, rugs, car seats and upholstery, fabric,
 silk, suede, and concrete

Stains that 2Pure It’s Gone stain remover can remove include (but are not limited to):
baby stains, tea and coffee stains, red wine stains, grease, sweat, curry, blood, pet stains (dog, cat or other animal), pen ink, oil-based stains, urine (including animal urine), vomit, diarrhoea/poop stains, spaghetti, banana, vaseline, turmeric, mayonnaise/ketchup, make-up (including mascara and eye-liner), fake tan, tomato sauce/pasta sauce, and raspberry.


Why To Use

The 2Pure formula uses instant stain removal technology, mixed with 2Pure odour eliminating technology that also kills bacteria. This means that stains can be eradicated faster and more effectively than any other stain remover on the market (trust us, we’ve tested them). 

The multi-surface trait means that it works as well as the specialised products i.e. it is as good a stain remover on fabric as fabric stain remover products and as good on carpets as carpet stain remover products. The type of stain remover you have does not matter when you use 2Pure. It’s 2017, technology has allowed us to communicate with people all over the world, stream live events to each other, surely stain removers should be universal?

We truly believe in how great our product is, that we offer full refunds to anyone (yes, anyone) who believes this isn’t the best stain remover they’ve ever used. Not only will the results astonish you, but the time you will save will be amazing. You could remove a stain with It’s Gone and go make yourself a tea or coffee (or whatever you drink) in the time you can remove a stain with most other stain removers, saving you time so you can continue on with your day like nothing happened. It even works for hours after use too, getting into the surface and killing bacteria on impact as it goes.


When To Use

It can be used to eliminate stains from red wine, urine, tomato sauce, squash, tea/coffee, brown sauce, blood, pen/ink, curry, bolognese, chewing gum, make-up, fake tan, permanent market and so much more. 

Have a query about a stain removal problem? You can contact us to find out!


How to Use

There’s no need for a full stain removal kit. We have the only stain remover you’ll ever need. Just grab a clean cloth or sponge (see our blog on this to decide what to use) and that’s all the equipment required for all stains when using as a carpet cleaner, upholstery cleaner or for any surface other than clothing.

For laundry stains, just spray the stain remover on as a pre-wash procedure and throw it in the washing machine or hand wash as normal. Tip: you might not even need the second part - if you think the stain has gone, just wait for it to dry, or a good hack is to get the hairdryer out if you’re in a rush - we’re all about being instant!

The method for all stains follow the same procedure. Simply spray the stain, let it soak for up to 30 seconds and then get scrubbing with a clean cloth or sponge. 

Older stains will require 30 seconds for the liquid to reach into the fabric (really old stains just can’t be saved sometimes unfortunately), whereas stains that have just occurred require no longer time than it takes to grab your cloth. Follow the tutorial below for any stain you have.

For best results, try to treat the stain as early as possible. New stains are much easier to get out that old stains, with some being beyond repair if left for too long.


Does this really work?

2Pure Technology has been tested against the leading brand in the UK and the results were as good or better in every single test. If you don’t believe us, try our risk-free offer:

If you don’t believe this is the best stain remover that you have used, we will refund you with no questions asked!


How Much Will I Need?

We instruct you to remove the stain by ‘spraying liberally’. There is no set amount and, if you’re having trouble knowing how much to spray, follow the way it’s done below, or visit our stain removal guide: we have solutions to lots of individual stains, so you might find your problem solved!