About Us

 Directors of 2Pure Products

7 years ago, a small company in the North East of England developed a revolutionary product in cleaning and odour control. This product could remove both stains and odours like no other by using a technologically advanced formula for instant impact. Since its humble beginnings, 2Pure Products was acquired by new owners in 2013 and has grown exponentially within the commercial cleaning sector. 


But They Didn’t Stop There

A large part of the company ethos is that everyone should have access to the best products on the market, so they  set out to bring this new technology to the mass consumer market, with a portfolio of products across multiple brands aimed at the retail sector.  

It’s Gone Home Stain & Odour Removal, Pet Fresh Pet Stain & Odour Eliminator, Equissential Stable Cleaner, Taxi Fresh Car Fabric & Air Freshener,


How Did They Know They Had the Best Product on the Market?

2Pure reached out to independent laboratories to conduct tests against all of the leading brands in household odour removal. 2Pure Products won Every, Single, Time. They absolutely blew the leading brands out of the water. 2Pure’s technological advance eliminated a massive 40% more odours than the next leading brand, leaving all others for dead.

As a stain remover it did just as well, if not better, in every stain it tested - from fake tan to red wine, from ink to oil.

2Pure’s technology didn’t just hang with the best. It beat them.


This puts 2Pure Products in a great position to take the stain and odour removal market by storm, and that’s exactly what they plan to do


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