2Pure Sustainability

From the very start, the design brief for our scientist was 'safe and green' and this has grown to be the very heart of everything we do. Today, we are proud that we lead the way in many environmental initiatives and we are constantly striving for further improvement.


Despite the bad press, plastic is one of the best materials for many uses. The issues arise from plastic waste and this problem requires fundamental changes in how we make, use and dispose of plastic.

At 2Pure we have pledged to stop using virgin plastic or single use plastics. What this means in real terms is that we will either make our products using only 100% recycled plastic or/and we will ensure that our plastics are re-used again and again.

In late 2021 we launched our Plastic Closed Loop scheme for our commercial customers and during 2022 we will expand this to more and more customers. This means that users of our OdorBac Tec4 professional cleaning product can now benefit from ZERO PLASTIC WASTE with our containers being reused again and again. Watch the video below to see how it works: