Commercial Cleaning Products

OdorBac Tecis specially designed for large or commercial cleaning jobs. 

YOU choose the dilution YOU want for the jobs YOU need to do. 

Strong dilutions can be used for jobs such as combatting strong odours, cleaning toilets, tackling spot stains and using as a pre-wash for laundry

Medium dilutions are used for general purpose odour and stain removal, combatting odours, and cleaning soft furnishings, general furniture, glass and mirrors, kitchens and drains.

Weak dilutions are for jobs that include the use of floor machines and mop & bucket jobs. It can also be used as a cleaner for hard floors and carpets.

This truly is a multi-purpose cleaner for all your cleaning needs. We’re so confident that this can work great on any of the surfaces mentioned that we give 100% refunds to anyone that doesn’t classify OdorBac Tecas the best multi-purpose cleaner they have ever used!