The 3 worst stains and how to deal with them.

There’s a rather famous apt saying “When two or three gather, someone will spill their drink.” And while stains from drinks are pretty annoying - they’re just the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the worst stains to deal with and often we find ourselves on google begging for answer to “how do i deal with this or that stain?” So here are the top three mind-numbingly annoying stains to deal with, and just how to deal with them once and for all.

  • Clothing stains:
  • While snacks and fruits like a banana or an orange may be a far less likely culprit than tomato sauce, coffee, wine or beet roots - all of the contenders from the brief above are simply terrible to deal with. The reason that these stains made it on this list is simply because of how common they are. You’re out having a cup of coffee and suddenly you have yet another garment likely ruined, or you may be enjoying a barbecue among friends unsuspecting that you are just about to redesign your favorite blouse with some less fashionable colorful blots. Now, just how difficult are these stains to deal with? Many people swear that the pre-wash treatment is a garment savior, but the year is 2017, the year of progress - and we are here to offer you a far easier and simpler solution to your woes: 2Pure’s “It’s Gone Stain Remover”. With it’s instant-action formula, you have virtually nothing to worry about aside from whether or not you got your hands on this saving grace before the longevity of your garments is held hostage by those pesky stains.

  • Carpet stains:
  • Many homeowners are probably wincing in pain at this one, because we’ve all been there and we all know the awful feeling when you’ve just spilled something and you’re performing damage assessment on your beautiful pale carpet that is now suddenly decorated in an unpleasant polka-dot and blotch pattern. For most people outhe followup to this scenario is to run for the paper towels to try and dab the rapidly invading color out of your carpet. Hold your horses and take three breaths. Firstly, do not let the stain dry, and rather than dabbing, try to very carefully remove all excess spillage from the fibers of your carpet. Then, bring along your staple stain remover (have we mentioned 2Pure’s “It’s Gone Stain Remover” ?) Spray the stain remover on and get scrubbing with a clean coarse cloth. The degree of success largely depends on how effective your stain removal solution - thankfully 2Pure are so confident in their’s that they say - “You can just thank us later!”

  • Car interior stains:
  • In the modern day and age, many of us spend a very large portion of our days in our cars. And of course it’s just that much more enjoyable to cruise around in a spotless clean ride. But, alas - we often find ourselves rushing to a meeting with a coffee in one hand, trying to tidy ourselves while vying to steer as perfectly as possible, and in these moments often a time that coffee or afternoon snack can suddenly end up r riding passenger on your fresh and previously clean upholstery. The common approach to this predicament is the good old vinegar and dish soap solution, and while it definitely works (with some limited success), a good stain removal solution is simply priceless. The routine is simple - spray on wax off, or rather scrub off...with a coarse bristle brush to really work the solution into the upholstery.

    And there you have it - the top three awful, horrible, simply - the worst stains to deal with. While stains happen occasionally, their impact doesn’t have to be everlasting. Not on your clothes, precious carpet or your beloved vehicle’s upholstery. Save yourself the hassle and take a peek at our recommended collection of household and industrial cleaning and stain removal solutions sold online by 2Pure Products.


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