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2Pure Pet Fresh Odour Eliminator 500ml

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500ml ready to use trigger spray - Genuine Scientific Breakthrough.

Scientifically proven to destroy at least 40% more odours than leading household odour elimination brand, the 2Pure Pet Fresh Pet Odour Eliminator uses unique 2Pure technology to perform three functions

Child and pet-friendly, this organic product is fragrance free for pet’s added comfort, as well as acting as a pet stain remover. This is very important in remove urine spots on carpet and floors, as well as urine odours, because it stops dogs from repeat marking. When a dog needs to go, they sniff around for a place that they ‘should’ pee. But eliminating the odours associated with their urine means that they will spend longer looking round, giving owners more time to notice and then take their puppy or dog outside instead. This not only stops your dog from having accidents, but it keeps your homes and carpets clean. 

This pet odour eliminator uses an innovative new formula designed to destroy odour compounds and their bacterial source without masking. 

Pet Fresh is scientifically proven to immediately destroy odours associated with pet odours such as urine, vomit, faeces and general pet odours. Also effective against body odour, food waste, damp and other general household smells. Pet Fresh Odour Eliminator also kills bacteria and can be used to clean dirt as a pet stain remover and waste leaving problem areas hygienically fresh. 

Safe to use around the home on carpets, upholstery, pet beds, fabrics, most hard surfaces and also in cars. It is best not to use directly on your pets, though, as some dogs have allergies and using Pet Fresh directly onto dogs can cause rashes and other allergic symptoms.

Products from 2Pure must meet our core values. Like all our products, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-irritant, child and pet safe, 100% biodegradable and leaves virtually no residue.

Here is our very own German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Heidi, giving us a great opportunity to use Pet Fresh in the office, demonstrating how to use pet odour eliminator to remove urine odours and stains from carpet: