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2Pure Pet Fresh Kennel, Cattery & Patio Cleaner

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5 Litre Concentrate - Genuine Scientific Breakthrough.

Scientifically proven to completely destroy odours, stains and 99% of bacteria immediately. Pet Fresh offers the best pet odour eliminator & pet stain remover products on the market today!

A truly multi-functional cleaner, the concentrate can be diluted according to the task at hand. A full guide to dilutions is as follows:
- 1:1 dilution (1ml of concentrate to 1ml of water): Pet Stain Remover: spot stains (such as excrement), strong odours (such as urine that has repeatedly occurred or been left for a while) and for a strong clean (i.e. patios that haven’t been washed in a long time
- 1:10 dilution: Pet Odour Eliminator: general odours (including faeces and urine), cleaning feeding bowls and general areas of pet living quarters, any equipment that may be used (such as dog beds, toys etc.), glass and mirrors, garden or pet furniture (both hard and soft), hard floors (general patio cleaning and indoor hard floors also). It is a great dilution for mould and other general dirt that builds up on outdoor concrete. Application with a spray bottle is best practice. These can be purchased from our cleaning accessories department.
- 1:11-40 dilution: Floor Cleaner: added to mops, buckets and machines for cleaning of floors such as patios, concrete (such as block paving and driveways), carpets, tiles etc. This is done for regular cleaning as opposed to problem solving in the case of odour and stain issues.
- Neat: used as a last resort, if other dilution do not work.

This safe and gentle formula uses the unique, patented 2Pure technology, designed to destroy odours their bacterial source instantly. As a bi-product, it allows for the delivery of instant stain removal without the use of enzymes, allowing for a true multi-purpose and multi-surface clean. The multi-purpose traits make this product one of the best cleaners on the market today. It is perfect for pet owners in busy homes, as they can care for their pets, homes and families all at the same time!

Pet Fresh is FRAGRANCE FREE for pets' added comfort (we did tests, you can trust us). Of course, it is safe around pets & children, but it also comes with a list of excellent credentials, such as 100% organic ingredients, environmentally-friendly & ecologically-friendly.

Effective against pet odours that come from urine, vomit, faeces and other general pet odours. It is also effective against body odour, food waste, damp and other general household smells. The magic with Pet Fresh is that we don’t pretend that this is just for pets. You can use this anywhere, anytime.  

Can be used to clean dirt and waste, leaving problem areas hygienically fresh. 

Designed for use in kennels, catteries, on patios, dog runs, dog pens, stables, aviaries, indoor hard floors or any other large spaces.

Products from 2Pure must meet our core values. Like all our products, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-irritant, child and pet safe, 100% biodegradable and leaves virtually no residue.