How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

So you’ve just come in from a hard day at work, or maybe you’ve just finished a load of housework. Maybe you it’s a Friday evening and you just want to relax. Maybe it’s a Saturday evening and you’re having a few friends round for a drink. There are many reasons why you might have a glass (or 2, 3, 4 etc.) of red wine, but it always comes with a risk. One too many (or not enough in some cases) can lead to spillages that are an absolute pain to clean up, but by using 2Pure’s multi-surface stain remover, you can keep your carpet clean and smelling great with our instant stain and odour removal technology.

Removing red wine stains from carpet is very common amongst most households and it can be a real pain at parties or, let’s face it, any time. There’s no time when a stain is not irritating. It messes up your carpet, makes the place look ugly and, what people don’t know is that it makes your carpet harbour bacteria. 

Therefore, it is really important to get a stain remover that kills bacteria. Well, you’re in luck here at 2Pure Products. Our It’s Gone Multi-Surface Stain Remover for carpets. clothes and fabrics does exactly that! Not only is the patented 2Pure formula instantly impacting, it works for hours after use, getting into the carpet and killing 99% of the bacteria it touches.

There’s rumours about white wine and salt being able to act as a red wine remover, but I wouldn’t waste your time or money. You can try them out, but I guarantee they won’t work as well as a solution formulated for the sole purpose of removing stains.


Stain Removal Tutorial 

But that’s enough about us and what we do. You’ve come here to see what you can do. So without further... ado, here’s our stain removal tips for removing red wine from carpets (HINT: if you want to skip this step-by-step stain removal tutorial, scroll down until you see the video):


Step 1: Liberally spray on It’s Gone Stain Remover, making sure the red wine stain is completely covered. The last thing you want is to clean up the stain and find you missed a bit, so be thorough.

Spraying It’s Gone Stain Remover On Red Wine Carpet Stain


Step 2: Grab a clean cloth and scrub the area until there is no stain remover solution left. There’s no need to ‘wait 4-5 minutes’ with our instant stain removing technology. There’s also no need for this blotting business. Just get stuck in!

Rubbing Cloth on Stain Remover to get rid of red wine stain on carpet


Step 3: Re-apply if needed (but something tells us you won’t need to).

Step 4: Think about how easy that was and go and have an extra glass, now that you’ve just saved yourself about 3 gulps worth of time.




It really is that easy. And what’s even better is that it can be used ANYWHERE - carpets, floors, walls, fabrics, clothes, sofas, chairs - and it combats almost ANY STAIN - coffee, fake tan, pen, wine, food, even chewing gum and permanent market! You’ve probably got a lot of stain remover left over, so well done on making the informed choice and having a stain remover that will no doubt need to be used again soon. 

Most people buy stain remover as a solution to a problem - we know that. That’s why we’ve made a multi-purpose, multi-surface stain remover - to help you in your next dilemma. By the time you get down the shop or order your stain remover online, the stain may be into the carpet and therefore unrepairable. Don’t wait until your stain dries, whatever you do!

No more trips to the shop every time you have a stain. No more having to go out and buy another stain remover because your current one doesn’t work on urine stains. No more Vanish for clothes, Dr. Beckmann for carpets and a whole concoction of cleaning products in your cupboard. One product to remove them all!


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