How to Remove Pet Stains: Urine

How to Remove Pet Stains: Urine

As you may know, we’ve got a dog now, so why not bring you a tutorial on how to remove pet stains?


Our 10-week-old German Shorthaired Pointer, Heidi, has been no stranger to an accident in the office, giving us the chance to bring you yet another video in the series ‘Stain Removal Tips,’ as we tackle dog urine. 


Now some may say we were lucky it was just urine, and you’d probably be right, but the process is largely the same (minus the picking up of... the other one). It’s vitally important to get rid of pet stains and odours as quick as possible, for a number of reasons:

- It stops stains, odours and their bacteria getting into your carpet/fabrics, protecting the surface from long-term damage

- It stops your dog doing it in the same place: when your dog sniffs around the floor, they’re looking for a place to pee. Smelling a urine odour from previous activity is how they know where to go. Eliminating the odour is important in increasing the time your dog spends looking round for somewhere to pee, giving you more time to notice, pick him/her up and race to the garden

- It’s really smelly and it doesn’t look good: ... Obviously


So how do you combat it? Yes you can get other odour eliminators, but none are as strong or as long-lasting as those with 2Pure Technology. Step aside enzymes, it’s time for Pet Fresh to make a molecular change to pet odours. Here’s the guide:

- Grab the Pet Fresh: yes, believe it or not, to use the Pet Fresh, you need to actually have it in your hand first, along with a clean cloth or sponge

- Spray liberally: don’t leave the removal of stains and odours to chance. If there’s a sliver of an odour left, your dog will pounce on it (not literally - probably more of a squat than a pounce), so make sure the odour and stain is gone and gone for good. Only with 2Pure’s instant stain and odour removal technology can you be sure that they are gone forever.

- Scrub away the solution: don’t be alarmed if the carpet looks like it’s wet. It is. But with Pet Fresh now, not urine. Wait for the solution to dry for 10-15 minutes before you write your e-mail of complaint (who even writes letters anymore?).


If you can’t be bothered to read this guide, here’s a video, which is coincidentally our second episode of Heidi in HD:


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