How To Remove Old Mud Stains From Carpet

How To Remove Old Mud Stains From Carpet

So Black Friday was busy to say the least, for us. This meant countless journeys outside to the warehouse in the rain to restock. Rushing around like headless chickens, we left a few marks on the carpet in our studio from the wet ground outside. Some may say this was unlucky, but we thought it was a great opportunity.

We’ve had a few people ask us how our stain remover deals with old stains & this is our first example of it. Left from Monday to Wednesday, we had the perfect situation - something that happens in everyday life in mud stains on carpet, and a chance to answer a question from several of our customers.


So here are the steps to removing old mud stains from carpet:

Step 1
Spray liberally on the stain. You don’t need to get every bit of the stain, as our powerful formula can tackle the splashes once it’s on your instrument of choice, it will pick them up and destroy them. However, you’re best off trying to get as much as you can to give you the best chance of success.
Step 2
Grab a clean sponge, cloth or brush. You don’t want to be adding bacteria to your carpet with a dirty, old one.
Step 3
Get scrubbing with your weapon of choice. For larger stains, circular motions are best to start with when working on the main part of the stain, working your way out as you go along.
That really is all there is to it, but for a better look, here’s our video tutorial:












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