How To Remove Food Stains From Carpet: Curry

How To Remove Food Stains From Carpet: Curry

An adopted British favourite, curry has become a very popular dish over the years. However, it comes at a price (and I’m not talking financially).

The strong flavours are made from ingredients that not only taste strong, but smell strong and are hard to get out of carpet and other fabrics.

Fortunately, 2Pure Products are on hand to give you a stain remover to combat curry stains on a multitude of surfaces, from carpets to clothes, fabrics to furniture. 


Here is our easy 3 step guide to removing curry stains from carpet, fabrics, clothes or furniture:

1. Remove all solid food waste: pick up all of the rice, chicken (or whatever meat you had in your curry) and anything that is not already in the surface. You may need to use a hoover to pick up the last few grains of rice.

2. Spray on the stain remover: a liberal spray of the stain remover should tackle the stain easily, making sure the full area is covered.

3. Wait 30 seconds for the solution to reach the inner depths of the carpet, then scrub off the stain: our instant formula means that stains can be removed instantly, but it’s good to wait 30 seconds to make sure the liquid solution reaches everywhere before scrubbing with a clean cloth.

4. Hoover to dry (if needed): depending on the size of your curry stain, a lot of stain remover may need to be used, so it may look like the carpet isn’t back to normal. Quickening the dry for peace of mind may be a step you want to take, but this isn’t a vital part of the process.


That’s really all there is to it! To give you a visual representation of how well our stain remover works for curry stains, take a look at the video below. We spiced it up (pun intended) with a 1950s theme to our tutorial. Hope you enjoy!



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