How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

Welcome to another in the series of ‘Stain Removal Tips’ and today we’ll be using our new studio to bring you an edition that looks at removing coffee stains from carpet.

As far as carpet stain remover products go, It’s Gone is the easiest and fastest you’ll find. It’s use of 2Pure technology means no enzymes, so it’s truly multi-purpose as a carpet cleaner. Anyway, we’ll get down to business with our tutorial on getting coffee stains out of carpet (which is coincidentally the same method of getting rid of tea stains from carpet).


Step 1
Spray liberally on the stain. As seen in the video below, spillages of liquid means splashes around the main part of the stain. You don’t need to get every bit of the stain, as our powerful formula can tackle the splashes once it’s on your instrument of choice, it will pick them up and destroy them.

Step 2
Grab a clean sponge, cloth or brush. You don’t want to be adding bacteria to your carpet with a dirty, old one.

Step 3
Get scrubbing with a clean sponge, brush or cloth. Circular motions are best to start with, working on the main part of the stain first and working your way out

Step 4 
Wait for a bit. Sometimes with the heat of the coffee, some stains resurface (this happens with all stain removers) once it cools down. However, it comes back very lightly, so another short spray and scrub will get it out in seconds. In this clip, however, our stain remover prevailed without a hitch. I guess it depends how long ago you boiled the kettle


Here is the video for you enjoyment. There’s something so satisfying about seeing a stain removed with such ease. Sort of makes you want to stain your carpet...














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