How to Get Food Stains Out of Your Carpet | Tomato Sauce

How to Get Food Stains Out of Your Carpet | Tomato Sauce

Back again with another edition of ‘How To Get Food Stains Out of Carpet’ and this time we’re taking on tomato puree. I know the title says "tomato sauce,” but we’ve done our research and found that all tomato-based stains we tested reacted in similar ways, so we decided to encompass them all and use the hardest tomato-based stain we could get our hands on, and that is tomato puree.

Dry stains are notoriously harder to get rid of than wet stains, so this makes tomato puree in the upper bracket of difficulty when it comes to tomato sauce stains. If this method can beat tomato puree as easily as it does, then tomato sauce and other tomato stains will be a walk in the park.

The process is just as simple as any other carpet stain. Of course we’ll be using visual aids to help you and cure the boredom of reading too many words, so let’s get going:


1. Wipe off any excess sauce

The last thing you need is to be covered in tomato sauce when you’re trying to remove a stain. Wipe away as much sauce as you can - and don’t worry about getting in ground into your carpet, our stain remover works instantly as well as for hours after use, getting deep into the carpet and getting rid of stains before they can make your floor their home. NOTE: you don’t need to use your finger, like the example below, we’re just really cheap!

How To Get Rid of Tomato Stains On Carpet


2. Spray on the Stain Remover

Spray liberally on the stained area. There’s really nothing more to this stage.

Spray It’s Gone Stain Remover Onto Tomato Sauce Stain On Carpet to Get Rid 


3. Grab a Clean Cloth and Get Scrubbing

No waiting for 20 minutes, in the time it takes you to grab a cloth, the stain remover will have done it’s job and landed at the root of the stain, odour and bacteria. All you need to do is get scrubbing and see that stain disappear. You can thank us later (preferably by giving a review on our site or on Trustpilot).

Clean Stains Out of Carpet With It’s Gone Stain Remover 


As always, here’s the vide of how we did it, with a little jazzing up for your entertainment. Note that we really ground the stain into the carpet and it was still no match. 2Pure Products always deliver and that’s our promise to you!



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