The Morning After The Night Before: Sunday Clean-Up

The Morning After The Night Before: Sunday Clean-Up

Your head hurts, you've got work tomorrow and, what's worse, your house is a mess. Whether it's a family party, small gathering with friends or an all-night rave, we're here to make the Sunday clean-up just that little bit easier, so you can go back to bed once the random guy/weird cousin, who slept on your sofa, leaves.

Know Your Routine

OK, so this may differ depending on your cleaning team, but everybody should have their own roles: cups, bottles and cans (armed with plastic bag #1); non-recyclable rubbish (armed with plastic bag #2); glasses and dishes; floors (brush, hoover and/or mop), table tops (armed with stain remover, disinfectant or both); furniture mover/odour removal man/DJ/tea-maker/supervisor (usually Dad or lazy housemate).

If you're going it alone, first of all, sorry, but secondly, go in the same order as above. It's pointless cleaning table tops if you have to move around the rubbish. Also, and more importantly, go one room at a time, and start with the kitchen.

There's something odd about kitchens that people seem to gravitate towards at parties, so this is where you're going to get into the rhythm of things. Cleaning is a little bit easier with the flooring and counters, so always start in the kitchen.

Don't Make the Same Journey Twice (or 100 times)

Going back and forwards to the sink taking half-full (or half-empty depending on your level of hangover) drinks back can be a pain. So make one or two glasses in each area your hub for collecting leftover drinks, and take them to the sink at the end.

Dealing with Rubbish

Starting with the kitchen and then moving to outer rooms, centralising the rubbish in the living room - your final mission - will be key to your success, if going it alone. As tempting as it is to keep bags of rubbish in the kitchen after they get full, let's be honest: you're not going to want to take them out after you've finished, so take them out straight away. This will avoid leakages in the house and is more pro-active.

If it helps, bring your outside bin as close to your front or back doors as possible, to minimise your journeys.

Doing the Dishes

Just like the cups and bottles, keep a central hub for leftovers in each area, and fill your dishwasher up as much as you can before turning it on.

If you're not fortunate enough to have a dishwasher, well you're not gonna have a very fun time. Leave the washing until after all the rubbish and dishes are collected in, stick some music on and try and make it as fun as you can - you're going to need it. They can dry whilst you do the rest of the living room.

Table Tops Next, Floors Last

Make the floors the last thing you do in a room. Not only does it mean you can't ruin it again with your, now wet, shoes, it finishes off the room nicely. Just imagine taking the hoover back to the cupboard, coming back, seeing your masterpiece and going for a nap on the sofa. Bliss.

I know people say you should tackle stains straight away, but when its been on the carpet for 4 hours, does an extra 30 minutes really matter? Some stain removers are so strong it won't even matter (such as the It's Gone range, found here).

Go Back to Sleep - You've Earned It

Finish off with an air purifying spray in your hand. Make your way round the house, finishing up at either your bed or your sofa. The world (or at least your house) is your oyster.

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