How To Get Rid of 3 Awful Odours in the Home

How To Get Rid of 3 Awful Odours in the Home

Urine Odour in Toilets



Is there anything worse than walking into the toilet and smelling what your loved ones have left when they missed the target? I guess it’s better than being your carpets, but still, you don’t have to live this way. Here’s how you can combat these odours.

A floor washer is perfect for taking away urine odours, but make sure you get a product that can kill the bacteria as well. OdorBac Tec4 does exactly that, and what’s more, is that it’s very concentrated. This means you can dilute it as you please. If you feel like you have a tougher task on your hands, just add less water. You can also use this product on the toilet itself, so its perfect for an all-round bathroom cleaner.


Pet Odours


Some of you may have met this question with a defensive “well my pet smells fine”, but the day someone shows me a naturally odourless pet is the day I’m out of a job, so trust me when I say, with the greatest respect, your dog smells. Many of us become immune to our pets' odours as they’re part of our everyday life. But, if you like having visitors over, you may want to take note of studies showing that guests notice pet odours way more than you do.

There are many pet odour eliminators out there that work just fine, but Pet Fresh has been shown to be 40% more effective in eliminating odours than the leading brand. It can also be used to clean any fabrics that your pets may have marked and it kills 99% of harmful bacteria, keeping your pets and their favourite areas clean and healthy, and your guests happy.


Household Cooking Smells


OK, so this completely depends on what stage your problem is at, so please skip to the appropriate method.


This is for the solution to the problems that have already happened. Sometimes oil and steam get into your ceiling, carpets and walls when caused by cooking. In this case, its best to find a cleaner for all of these things. Fortunately, It’s Gone’s Multi-Surface Stain Remover is also good at removing odours, as well as being able to be used on many different surfaces, so if you have a small kitchen, this works fantastic. However, if your kitchen is big and/or your cooking odours end up in other areas of the house, you can refer back to OdorBac Tec4, just make sure you dilute the cleaner more than for bathroom floors and toilets. The great thing about 2Pure’s technology is that it can work on almost any surface, just make sure you test it on an inconspicuous area first before lathering it on like 99p shampoo from Wilko.


If you want to stop the potential of your home becoming odour-ridden from cooking smells, then make sure you use a odour DESTROYING product. It’s Gone Air Purifier is perfect for doing just that. Simply spray it in the air and let it do its work. It will encapsulate the odour, change its molecule so its no longer an odour and kill 99% of the bacteria associated with it, making it as close to complete destruction of odours and bacteria as you can get!


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