Bonfire Night Recipe Ideas

Bonfire Night Recipe Ideas

Halloween is over, bonfire night is round the corner. This is a great excuse to get together with family and friends and enjoy the spectacles that are firework displays. Whether it’s a small gathering or a full-blown party, we’ve got you covered. Here are the greatest bonfire night-inspired recipes we could find on the web. Enjoy!


Catherine wheel Toad in the Hole

Catherine wheel Toad in the Hole Recipe

A classic British dish, toad in the hole gets a bonfire night-esque makeover when it takes on a ‘twist’. Perfect with a good ol’ Yorkshire pudding, it goes hand in hand with a cold November evening. Recipe below: 


Bonfire Toffee

Bonfire Toffee Recipe

This sweet treat made from Molasses (black treacle) is perfect for the kids on bonfire night. Also known as Plot Toffee or Tom Trot, due to its association with the 5th November, it is also know as treacle toffee. The toffee is smashed into bitesize pieces when it hardens, but I’ll leave the rest of the recipe below:


Cheesy Bonfire Bread

Cheesy Bonfire Bread Recipe

Bread with an autumnal twist of pumpkin and a fiery addition of roasted peppers, this cheesy bread can be made fresh or made ahead a frozen. Link below:


Firework Cupcakes

firework cupcakes recipe

Looks spectacular, tastes even better and it’s so much easier to make than it looks. Even the kids can help out. Cupcakes are great additions to the party platter for everyone, so it’s a must have this weekend!


Bonfire Muffins

Bonfire Muffins Recipe

If Firework cupcakes aren’t your cup of tea (and they’d go great with a cuppa), you could always opt for these bonfire muffins instead. Or if you’ve got a sweet tooth, go wild and do both! 


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