BBQ Checklist

BBQ Checklist

Summer is well and truly under way, as temperatures sore and burger sales rise even faster. With many events across the summer to celebrate, such as Wimbledon, the school holidays or the news mentioning the word 'heatwave' because the temperature has reached 20°c for more than 4 hours, we’re here to make sure you get it right this summer and have all your friends raving about the BBQ venue, even if you run out of buns halfway through.


Although your BBQ will take place outside, everyone will have to journey into the house every now and again. To go to the bathroom, to have a break from the sun, to have an argument in your utility room so nobody else can eavesdrop - the usual stuff. So make sure your main rooms (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, living room, corridors) are clean and, just as importantly, odour free.


Of course you want your dog to have fun, but he’s not much fun for everyone else when he’s stinking up the place. A lot of us tend to acclimatise to the smell of our pets after a while, but your friends and family certainly won’t. Make sure the ‘dog smell’ doesn’t play a factor in Maurine’s ‘Come Dine With Me’ style review of the day in the taxi home, and invest in some pet-friendly odour eliminator.


People never notice a moderately dirty patio, but people certainly notice a clean one. Take the attention away from the undercooked sausages by forcing everyone to look at the floor 40% of the time. They won’t get much of a tan on their face, but at least they just missed you drop a bun on the floor and pick it back up before serving it to them.


Summer time is notoriously slow for a lot of cleaning companies, so take advantage of some offers they may have on. Somebody is inevitably going to bring red wine and spill it on your brand new decking. Or at least the boring couple down the road will come over for a coffee and commit sacrilege on your garden table by not using a coaster.


Yes the pressure is on, but nobody likes a host running round like Mo Farah when they’re trying to enjoy themselves. And hint: nobody is ever going to say ‘no’ when you ask if they’re having a good time, so stop asking!

You’ve put the time and preparation in and there’s nothing more you can do now, so just sit down, tuck in and have the same conversation 10 times about how you’re ‘lucky’ the weather ‘held out’ as its forecast for rain tomorrow.

Stock List

  • Stain Remover
  • Patio Cleaner
  • Odour Eliminator (pet-friendly if applicable)




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