Does My Cat Love Me? Cat Behaviours Explained #2

Does My Cat Love Me? Cat Behaviours Explained #2

So, last week, we covered the basics of cat behaviours and learned that kneading and head-butting were surefire ways to learn of your cat's affection for you. But we can go further into the depths of kitty love by giving you 5 extra ways to tell if your cat loves you. The more he/she does, the more he/she loves you, in a way, so maybe you can count how many things they do to the different people in your house. Just don't tell anyone if you don't win.

1.Bringing You Presents

cat present

In the wild, cats often bring home dead animals to introduce their younger family members to hunting and killing. So, in a way, you could say that they're looking after you. Although you'd think they'd realise we don't need hunting skills when there's an ASDA round the corner. Unless that's their way of trying to persuade us to eat organic produce. If that's the case, it's definitely not working.

2.Showing you their belly


The belly is the most vulnerable part of a cat, so when they're showing you their belly, they're saying that they trust you. It also means that they are comfortable in their surroundings, so well done for making your feline friend feel at home. Although, sometimes I think he/she might be feeling too 'at home' by the look of things.

3.The Slow Blink


Cats only make eye contact with people that they like. So be proud that your cat at least likes you. If they follow this up with a slow, cool wink, then this means a lot more.

Cats blink at each other and humans to show that they trust the other and that they pose no threat. So your cat is trying to show you that they are comfortable with you and feel at ease with you as well. Some people call it a 'Kitty Kiss' and regard it as the ultimate display of love from a cat. Try winking back at your cat next time, they might appreciate it.

4.Walking Round Your Legs


This can be very annoying, but once you understand the meaning behind it, I think you'll warm to it.

They're trying to rub against you, like we discussed in Cat Behaviours Explained #1, to try and get their scent on you. We can only assume they think you're going somewhere where there's other cats and they want these cats to know that their human is not up for grabs. Essentially, they're just like a crazy boyfriend/girlfriend.

5.Sitting/Lying on You


Cats that have affection for their owners just want to be close to them or have physical contact. So they'll sit anywhere they can just to be near you: your lap, chest, legs, arms, even your face.

The reason they lie on your head when you're sleeping tends to relate to what type of sleeper you are. If you fidget in your sleep, its likely that your cat won't want to sleep on you, but your head tends to be the area with the least movement. It also radiates the most heat, which cats (obviously) love.


Does your cat display any of these behaviours to you? If so, give yourself a pat on the back!

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