Cleaning Out Your Rabbit’s Hutch

Cleaning Out Your Rabbit’s Hutch

Rabbits can catch diseases very easily and they become distressed when living in messy conditions. Therefore, it is imperative to keep their hutches clean and free from harmful bacteria. Hutches need to be given a small clean every day and a ‘big clean’ should happen once a week. The daily clean is mainly used to get rid of old food and soiled bedding, with the weekly clean aiming at physically cleaning and disinfecting the hutch.


Daily Clean

Pre-Clean Procedures

Take your rabbit out of their hutch and place them in a safe environment. This could be a holding pen, a rabbit-proofed room, or anywhere where you are satisfied they will be safe. You can use this as an opportunity to check your rabbit’s health with a physical inspection. Gloves should be worn to protect yourself.

The Clean

Take out everything that you would assume wouldn’t be useful: soiled hay, fur, old food and water etc. Put it in a bin bag and dispose immediately.

Check droppings and food to check that they’re eating enough and that their digestive system is working as it should. You should also inspect the cage for anything. Rabbits have a tendency to chew on their cage when they want out, so you may see a hole or two with could be dangerous for your rabbit.

You should leave a corner untouched, however. Rabbits like to mark their territory with their odours, much to our annoyance. Leaving a small corner can be enough for your rabbit to be satisfied and little enough for you not the smell it 99% of the time.

Note: always mix up the area you leave alone, otherwise odours will become pungent.

Finally, replace all of the old bedding, food and water with new bedding, food and water, to keep your rabbit healthy, hydrated and happy.


The Weekly Clean

Naturally, this requires a lot more effort. So you’ll need to get your supplies in order:

  • Large Brush and Small Brush (for the hard-to-reach spots)
  • 2Pure Pet Fresh Odour Eliminator Hutch&Cage
  • Bin Bag
  • Gloves

All of the daily cleaning process should be done first and foremost, before conducting the bigger clean.

Using 2Pure Pet Fresh, spray around the areas which need cleaned, such as bowls from old food and water and around the hutch. There are 2 settings on the Odour Eliminator. One is for a spray onto fabrics and the air and the other can be used to spray directly onto surfaces that need cleaned. Simply spray directly onto the surfaces of the hutch and use the brushes to clean them thoroughly. Then, if you feel it is required, switch the setting to destroy all of the other odours (just remember not to spray the corner you have left, otherwise your rabbit won’t be able to smell his/her scent when they get back in the cage).

Replace everything you took out that would be useful, dispose of all waste and sanitise any cleaning materials you have used. And that’s all their is to it. No buckets filled with hot water, no endless amounts of different sprays and liquids. Just one spray and 2 brushes are all you need to ensure the removal of smelly odours and harmful bacteria from your rabbit’s cage.


Your rabbit should be happy, healthy and safe. Give yourself a pat on the back. But don’t rest for too long. You’ve got it all to do next week.




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