Cat Behaviours Explained #1

Cat Behaviours Explained #1

For many years, our species has been obsessed with theirs (well some of us anyway). Some people love love cats, some people hate cats, but to truly understand them we need to know what they do and why. So let us take you through a few everyday behaviours that our feline friends display and what they could mean to us.

The Headbutt

Sometimes hard, sometimes soft, mostly irritating and/or uncomfortable. And the explanation won't make you any more comfortable. They're attempting to rub their scent on you, essentially claiming ownership. As odd as this may seem, I guess we claim ownership of them, so its only right that they do it back. It also shows pride in their owners. So give you self a pat on the back, or just get your cat to headbutt you in the back if you can't reach.


Interrupting What You're Doing

Your phone, keyboard, paper, remote control. Whilst most of us think cats are trying to distract you from whatever it is you're doing, it is actually just a feeling of security your cat is after. Seeing something that relaxes you or you enjoy makes your cat want the same feeling, so they try to share it with you. Just, you know, its hard to text someone with paws.



Cute when you're under a blanker or thick clothing, excruciating when on bare skin. Kneading is where cats dig their paws into you, but lovingly... sort of. It is an innate trait of cats, where they would 'knead' their mother's stomach in order to make them lactate. So it is just a sign of a cat recognising you as a parent-like figure. What a reward!


Do you have any behaviours your cat exhibits that you want to know more about? Go to the contact page and let us know. We'll include it in our next edition of 'Cat Behaviours Explained' AND we'll let you know personally!


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