3 Universal Dog Training Tips to Correct Bad Behaviour

3 Universal Dog Training Tips to Correct Bad Behaviour

Whether you’re training your dog to be better behaved or to do tricks, there’s 3 things that you can do that will work for virtually any training scenario. Since Pet Fresh removes virtually any odour or stain, we thought the two went in hand by hand. So get ready to become a dog training master...


Set Your Dog Up for Success!

This sounds like something you’d want to do and it definitely sounds easier than it is. It can also be described as walking before you run. Essentially, we’re saying make it easy for your dog at first, then build up slowly. Moving on too fast and setting your dog up for failure just makes training a dog harder, so make sure you move as slowly as possible. When we say move slowly, we mean move onto the next closest step once you’re confident your dog has mastered the current step. As you may have seen with Heidi, dogs and vacuum cleaners don’t get on too well, but in the video below, you can see how gradually upping the difficulty can work wonders for your dog in minutes.


Control Their Environment 

The first stage of this is distraction. It seems obvious, but getting your dogs attention is essential to training your dog. That’s why it is imperative that you always carry treats and/or your dog’s favourite toy.

Chances are, if your dog is misbehaving, it is due to an external stimulus, meaning that calling your dog’s name won’t always work. This is why you need to have some extra incentives at the ready in this case. 

Sometimes, even this won’t work when your dog is too distracted, so you need to make sure that their environment is controlled so that they listen to you. World-renowned positive dog trainer Zak George shows how to do this when out on a walk with an easily distracted dog:

Another one from Zak is a great example of using control of the environment and setting your dog up for success at the same time, as he attempts to stop Arwin from barking when somebody knocks at the door.


Wear Them Out!

Perhaps the most universal technique that will work for almost any dog and in almost any training environment. Tired dogs are obedient dogs and it is very important to do some form of exercise with your dog in order to tire them out and prepare them for training. 

You can use any form of exercise, using toys, to long walks, to simply just running round with your dog. But if running around isn’t your thing or you don’t have time for long walks, here’s a more adventurous form of tiring out your dog from Chelsea Patricia:


And that’s the 3 simple tools for ensuring good behaviour from your dog: setting them up for success by making it easier and gradually working your way up, controlling their environment by taking them away from distractions, and wearing them out because tired dogs are obedient dogs!








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