Meet Heidi

Meet Heidi

So this morning we were greeted with the new member of 2Pure Products - a German shorthaired pointer puppy called Heidi! Obviously, we welcomed her with open arms and we hope you do, too.

Once she came in and got introduced to everyone, she was quickly appointed to Head of Security (paid strictly in treats) and had a quick sniff round the place for any intruders, before getting in a tussle with one of our empty Air Purifier bottles. 

It’s not clear who won the battle, but it clearly wore her out, as she seemed to sleep for the rest of the day. That wasn’t before she had to do her business in between two desks though. Fortunately (and obviously), we had Pet Fresh on hand to clean up the smell with minimal fuss. 

Take a look at the highlights of Heidi’s first day, with our first ever vlog episode - Heidi’s First Day at 2Pure!

Be sure to follow Heidi’s journey from puppy to fully grown adult by coming back to our site, or by hitting us up on YouTube by searching for 2Pure Products and selecting the 'Heidi in HD' playlist.

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